Mady's Movement

This tribe was created when I lost my very own daughter as a victim of Human Trafficking. As I live and grieve the loss of my one and only princess, I have dedicated my days to helping others combat this heartless crime. I am binding together with other anti- trafficking organizations to help with outreach, education and growing our communities stronger to look out for one another.

My team is dedicated to bringing education and awareness to the Galveston County area. We equip families in need of the resources they need to get out of the life of Human Trafficking, and on to the road of healing.

Thank you for being here, TOGETHER, WE can make a difference.


Want to know how you can get involved?

We are constantly looking for volunteers to help us with creating and hosting our events as well as support other organizations and their events.

If you would like more information on when they are, and how you can help, Please message us ASAP!