Frequently Asked Questions

What is Human Trafficking?

The use of force, fraud or coercion to exploit someone else for forced labor or commercial sex.

What is child sex trafficking?

Child Sex Trafficking occurs any time a minor is engaged in commercial sex for ANY reason.

How many estimated victims are in Texas alone?

According to website, there are  approximately 313,000 victims.

Did you know?

An estimate of 79,000 of those victims are UNDER the age of 25.

What are the most common recruitment and control tactics?

The National Human Trafficking Hotline found that ROMANCE and DRUGS were there top two sources in 2019.

Can males be exploited too?

YES! More than 1/3 of commercially exploited youth are males.

Are victims snatched from the stores or parking lots?

While that IS a possibility, most victims are groomed by someone they know (or get to know) and trust.

Some RED FLAGS to look for with your child:

* New and expensive clothes and jewelry
* Additional cell phone/ always getting a new phone
* A New Circle of friends
* Change in behavior and appearance
* Becoming more secretive about things happening in their lives (school, friends, emotions, etc)
* Running away
* Substance abuse
* Tatoos

Did you know?

Houston has more brothels than Starbucks locations. (according to 

How can I help?

Message us and we can get you plugged into any of our events we personally are hosting, or join us with another organization that we partner with! Its takes us ALL coming together to END HUMAN TRAFFICKING!